The workshop will be organized into three teams, led by three different architecture studio.


Federico De Molfetta and Hope Strode

Founder partners of De Molfetta & Strode Landscape Architects

De Molfetta & Strode is a landscape architecture studio that engages ecology, culture and human experience to transform the landscape. We design with nature as an integrated environment, where complexity in space and time are essential principles. Through research and practice we create landscapes that are resilient, sustainable and highly experiential. Each project is designed collaboratively, engaging clients, community and the other design disciplines. Founded in 2015 the studio is currently designing a wide range of landscapes including private gardens, waterfronts, neighborhoods and public parks.


Alessandra Balzarotti, Erzë Dinarama,
Susanna Lindvall 


Marco Navarra

Founder of NOWA: Navarra Office Walking Architecture

Marco Navarra is an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Architectural composition and urban design at the University of Architecture in Siracusa. He is also the founder of NOWA, an architectural practice that works on about the reclamation of abandoned parts of the city as a resource for the territory. NOWA works on an idea of ​​extreme architecture to respond to limit conditions relating to economy, constraints and programs. His fields of intervention range from residential to public buildings, from architecture to landscape, mixing research and profession.


Studio Analogique
(Claudia Cosentino, Dario Felice, Antonio Rizzo)
and Liliana Adamo


Valerio Morabito

Founder partners of APS Landscape

Valerio Morabito is Adjunct Professor at the Department of Landscape Architecture, school of Design, University of Pennsylvania, USA, and Professor at the Mediterranean University, Italy. In the last 15 years, he has taught landscape architecture studios around 4 continents, winning a Barcelona Biennial of Landscape and several ASLA awards in United States. In 2014, he founded the Mediterranean University spin off APS Landscape, an office that investigates cities’s evolutions with the lens of landscape, exploring new and innovative architectural and landscape design solutions related to ecology and sustainability.

Francesca Garzilli