– in homage to Italo Calvino-

Is the story of a young traveller who could hardly make it to Piacenza in 2021. Half historian, part-time archaeologist, full-time visionary designer, she uses available old and new documents, to reconstruct in her mind, an imagined Piacenza, both fictive and real. She projects herself into a rather ideal future, where Nature has retrieved its primordial presence and where new connections and expanses of open public realms have been envisioned between the old city and the river, past the old walls, past obstructive infrastructure, past illusory boundaries.


Faces of all the partecipants to the Atelier

TEAM LEADER: Nader Karim
STUDENTS: Agrawal Ishita,Barakat, Anas Sabry Mohamed Mohamed, Doan Le Bao, Tram, Esna Ashari Anis, Ghesmatiaghkand Tara,
Guo Yujie, Hamada Mariya, Hou Caixiao, Huang Liye, Huang Jiahong, John Wesley John Jesuran, Li Jiale, Lu Jingping, Muwal Garima, Nema  Kritika, Nikolić Andela, Pan Zhen, Perumal Balayukesh, Ponnala Pradeep, Premkumar Amaldev, Sajadijahromi Salmaalsadat, Soumitra Soumitra, Tang Jie, Wang Shushu, Wang Xiaoyu, Xiong Dongmei, Zhang Jingyu, Zhang Siman, Zhu Zhengwen