Landscape off Limits pushes us to reflect on the form of the city and the stratigraphic complexity of its infrastructures, which in this area of Piacenza have a cyclopean dimension and act as barriers. The resulting fragmentation of the urban fabric—and probably of the social fabric as well—drive us to reflect on the value of small scale interventions, and to propose a strategy to connect them to create systems. We think these systems are the very architecture of communities: they set the conditions for their just, green and healthy development. The concept of community therefore reveals the social value of the integration between architecture and urban design in building forms of cooperation and new relational esthetics.


Faces of all the partecipants to the Atelier

TEAM LEADER: Malfona Lina, Malfona Giuseppe
STUDENTS: Abbasi Aghdam Mohammadreza, Chai Xu,Chen Qian, Chen Jingxuan, Chen Caiwei, Chetia Lupamudra, Fan Linyao, Fang Qingping, Ferrara Francesca, Han Xiaoqi, Hu Linxue, Joshi Ankit, Kaithwas Vaishali, Li Junjie, Li Tong, Li Hongyi, Liu Yukun, Mahdy, Omar Ahmed, Shazly, Marji Caterin, Melli Benedetta, Moradi Malihe, Mudraboina Nikhita, Radosavovic Jelena, Tan Xueyao, Wang Xiang, Wei Yuxin, Wu Peiyun, Xue Wen, Yu Yue